Schisandra chinensis Fruit

Schisandra chinensis Fruit

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Schisandra chinensis Fruit



The article consists of the dried ripe fruits of Schisandra chinensis (Turcz.) Baill. (Family Schisandraceae) collected in the fall. It contains NLT 0.40% of schisandrin (schisandrol A, C24H32O7) on the dried basis; and NLT 0.95% of total lignans calculated as the sum of schisandrin, schisandrol B (C23H28O7), schisandrin A (deoxyschisandrin, C24H32O6), and schisandrin B (γ-schisandrin, C23H28O6), on the dried basis.



Kadsura chinensis Turcz.

Maximowiczia amurensis Rupr.


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