Mucuna pruriens Seed

Mucuna pruriens Seed

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Mucuna pruriens Seed




The article consists of the dried seeds of Mucuna pruriens (L.) DC. (Family Fabaceae). It contains NLT 3.0% of levodopa on the dried basis.



Carpogon capitatus Roxb.

Carpogon niveus Roxb.

Carpopogon pruriens (L.) Roxb.

Dolichos pruriens L.

Marcanthus cochinchinense Lour.

Mucuna axillaris Baker

Mucuna bernieriana Bail.

Mucuna cochinchinense (Lour.) A. Chev.

Mucuna esquirolii H. Lev.

Mucuna luzoniensis Merr.

Mucuna lyonii Merr.

Mucuna minima Haines

Mucuna nivea (Roxb.) DC.

Mucuna prurita Wight...