Cinnamomum cassia Twig

Cinnamomum cassia Twig

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Cinnamomum cassia Twig



The article consists of the dried twigs of Cinnamomum cassia (L.) J. Presl (Family Lauraceae), collected in spring or fall. It contains NLT 0.6% and NMT 2.0% of cinnamaldehyde (C9H8O), calculated on the anhydrous basis.



Camphorina cassia (Nees & T.Nees) Farw.

Cinnamomum aromaticum Nees

Cinnamomum longifolium Lukman

Cinnamomum medium Lukman

Laurus cassia L.

Persea cassia (L.) Spreng



Cinnamomum burmannii (C.G. et Th. Nees) Bl., bark

Cinnamomum verum J. Presl, bark

Cinnamomum loureiroi Nees, bark


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