Frequently Asked Questions - Support

Any visitor to the HMC website can browse for monographs and read information as an anonymous user. However, if you want to enter comments on the HMC web site or participate in any of the monographs’ discussion forums, you will need to register.

You can view a list of monographs in alphabetical order by clicking the Monographs >All Monographs tab. Then select the first letter of the monograph from the row of letters. If you know the state (Proposed for Development, Proposed for Comment, and Final Authorized) of the monograph, you can look under Monograph > [state name].

In the All Monographs page, you can also do Filter by Related Monographs. Type the related monograph name (or select as you type letters from the auto-fill list) in the left side navigation text box and click Go.

You can all also search for a monograph by typing the first few letters of the monograph in the Search Monographs text field, located in the top right of the HMC banner, and then clicking the magnifying glass icon. A list of possible matches displays. Click on the monograph name to view the details.

If you are unable to comment on a monograph, it may be because you are not a registered user on the site or are trying to comment without having logged onto the site. If you are not registered, you can opt to do so using the Create New Account hyperlink in the top right corner of the web page. If you choose not to register, you can email your comments to USP using the email link. A HMC staff will post your comment anonymously. The posting may take a few business days to complete.

Yes, you can email your comments by clicking on the email link found in the Comments section of the Monograph Details page. Your comment will be anonymously posted to the web site by the HMC staff. The posting may take a few business days to complete.

You cannot edit or remove your own comments. To request editing or removal, you will need to email the HMC staff at

You can comment on a monograph in the following two states:

Proposed for Development – A monograph is open for commenting in this state until the monograph is moved to the next state, Proposed for Comment.

Proposed for Comment – By default, a monograph is open for commenting for 90 days in this state unless an administrator changes the length of the commenting period. The end date for commenting can be found in the Key Information text box found in the right sidebar of the Monograph Details page.