How can an article display conformance to standards in the Herbal Medicines Compendium?

A user may label an herbal article “Herbal Medicines Compendium” or “HMC” if the article demonstrates conformance to HMC monograph requirements. If there are multiple procedures in a monograph, then the certificate of analysis or equivalent document must indicate the procedure used. The designation “Herbal Medicines Compendium” or “HMC” does not constitute an endorsement by USP and/or represent assurance by USP that the herbal article is known to comply with all applicable requirements. When the designation “Herbal Medicines Compendium” or “HMC” is used on the label of an article to indicate conformance with HMC standards, the designation shall appear in conjunction with the name of the article. The designation is not to be enclosed in any symbol such as a circle or a square. An article may only be designated “Herbal Medicines Compendium” or “HMC” with regard to the current applicable version of the HMC standard or a directly adopted version; articles may not be designated “Herbal Medicines Compendium” or “HMC” with regard to standards adapted from HMC.